Sunday, February 14

St. Valentine's Day

Valentine was a third century pastor who was imprisoned for his faith. Legend has it that he wrote small pastoral notes to members of his congregation on the leaves he was able to pluck from a maple tree just outside his cell. These little “Valentine’s cards” expressed his love for the flock, and his desire that they demonstrate a similar selfless love toward one another. Gradually the tradition grew up for Christians to exchange notes of love and encouragement to one another on this, his birthday.


victoria lockridge said...

Thanks Dr. Grant, for reminding us that when we have nothing else that if we have love we are rich beyond measure.

Bruce J said...

Wordorigins has posted an article claiming that the association of Valentine with romantic love began with a Chaucer poem (1381). I'm not sure how this connects with the various traditions about the historical "Saint Valentine" (or "saint-S" since it seems to be attached to several people with the same popular name), but it might bear some looking into.