Saturday, March 17

The Greatness of Chalmers

“There is not, of course, any difficulty in explaining the indifference of the modern secular mind to Chalmers, neither is it surprising that churchmen of liberal persuasion should lack enthusiasm for his memory.  What is more problematical is the question why evangelical Christianity itself should have made so little of him these many years.”
—Iaian Murray, The Christian Heritage of Scotland

“To know Chalmers is to love him, and to wish to be like him.  Those to whom the cause of Christ is dear can but seek that a double portion of his spirit should be upon them.”
—Adam Philip, Foreword to Thomas Chalmers: Apostle of Union

“What I thirst to read is Chalmers’ life….I cannot conceive of a wiser, greater or better man.  Every part of his character was colossal; he had the heart of twenty men; the head of twenty men; the energy of a hundred.  He has not left his equal in the world.”
—John Mackintosh

“You ask me to tell you about Dr. Chalmers.  I must tell you first, then, that of all men he is the most modest and speaks with undissembled gentleness and liberality of those who differ from him in opinion.  Every word he says has the stamp of genius; yet the calmness, ease and simplicity of his conversation is such that to ordinary minds he might appear an ordinary man.” —Mabel Grant

“Truly I consider him as raised up by God for a great and peculiar work.  His depth of thought,  originality  in illustrating and strength in stating are unrivalled in the present day.  In other respects he is too sanguine.  He does not sufficiently see that a Chalmers is necessary to carry into effect the plans of a Chalmers.”
—Charles Simeon

“It was his contagious ‘enthusiasm for humanity’ that invested him in the eyes of students, as well as congregations, broad Scotland over, classes and masses alike, with an admiring reverence assigned to one of the old Prophets of Israel.”
—J.R. Macduff

“During his life of sixty-seven years, Chalmers gave forty-four years of public service.  Twenty of these he spent as a minister in three parishes—twenty-four he spent as a professor in three different chairs.”
—Adam Philip

“Choose Him, then, my brethren.  Choose Him as the Captain of your salvation.  Let Him enter into your hearts by faith, and let Him dwell continually there.  Cultivate a daily intercourse and a growing acquaintance with Him.  O, you are in safe company, indeed, when your fellowship is with Him.”   
—From the Last Sermon of Thomas Chalmers at Kilmany    

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