Thursday, May 9

Your Legacy of Truth

The glories of the ages past, 
Long held for you in trust, 
Are deeded now for your employ, 
Are ceded now in grateful joy; 
The splendors of the ages past, 
Reserved but for the just. 

The rich bequests of Christendom, 
Insured against default, 
Are brought to flower on this day, 
Are sought in valor just this way: 
The vast endowments of Christendom, 
Braced against default: 

These benedicted majesties, 
These propitiated certainties, 
Are laid upon your company, 
Are stayed upon your destiny; 
These covenantal indemnities, 
These providential sureties. 

Take hold, therefore, of this, 
And all your own troth; 
Inheritance and sworn relation, 
Vigilance and vowed succession; 
Take charge, therefore, of this, 
In midst of fullest love: 

This is your legacy of truth.
--Tristan Gylberd 

1 comment:

Scribbler said...

"Christendom".... dare we even whisper her name, in our pluralistic churches, much less in "polite" company.
But she goes stronger none the less under her Master.