Thursday, June 15

Coral Ridge TV

I typically don't like doing television interviews very much. All too often they are time-consuming. They tend to be life-intruding. They often are schedule-busting. They can be mind-numbing. They are invariably emotion-draining. And quite frankly, I am never really sure of their actual impact. As a result, I unhesitatingly turn down just about every TV opportunity, request, and invitation that I get. I know, I know! As an author, I'm a publisher's worst nightmare!

There is one ministry though, to which I always try to say "yes," regardless of the subject or circumstance or situation. Coral Ridge Ministries is the outreach arm of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and one of my mentors, D. James Kennedy. Accepting interviews for CRM programming is one of the few ways that I can actually give honor to Dr. Kennedy and all he has meant to me and my family.

Thus today, my office at the church was transformed into a mini TV studio for a couple of hours as the wonderfully competent CRM crew did a taping for an upcoming segment on the societal and cultural consequences of Darwinian thought. It will be several weeks before the program will air--and I probably will never see it since I rarely watch TV. But, I was happy to do this nevertheless. And I had a surprisingly good time besides. Wonders never cease.


Jim said...

Did Dr. Gary Cass interview you? Also, haven't you done the same sort of interview with Eric Holmberg? I seem to recall a promo for one of Eric's documentaries, but it's late and I'm probably imagining it.


George said...

Jim: I have done interviews for my good friend Eric Holmberg. In fact, I will see Eric this week at the PCA General Assembly in Atlanta. But, while those were for video, they were not for broadcast TV.