Wednesday, June 21

Word and Deed

Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899) was America's foremost evangelist throughout the difficult days that immediately followed the cataclysm of the War Between the States and disruption of Reconstruction. Literally thousands came to know Christ because the former shoe salesman faithfully proclaimed the Gospel wherever and whenever he had opportunity--pioneering the methods of both modern crusade evangelism and Sunday school outreach.

But in addition to preaching to the masses, he cared for the masses. He was responsible for the establishment of some one hundred and fifty schools, street missions, soup kitchens, colportage societies, and other charitable organizations--including Chicago’s first street boys clinic on this day in 1889. He believed it was essential that Christians proclaim the Gospel in both word and deed. As a result, his impact on the nation is still felt--through many of those institutions that continue their vital work--more than a century after his death.

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Socially Reformed said...

Seems like most of us are known for the "word" part only. Great post!