Saturday, October 13


This Sunday marks the beginning of Kingdomtide, a liturgical season generally observed by Protestants, especially Methodists and Presbyterians thanks to the ongoing influence of Martin Bucer, John Calvin, George Whitefield, and Charles Wesley. 

The season extends from the end of Pentecost until the beginning of Advent. Worship services during Kingdomtide stress the extension and growth of God’s great Kingdom. Inevitably, this means that we look to both the majesty of our King and the high call of service within the Kingdom. 

Thus, we are charged to go forth into this poor, fallen world with the light of the Gospel, shedding abroad charity to the poor, and bringing Good News to all men by graciously evangelizing and discipling all the nations of the earth.


CampbellMater said...

I love the modifier "graciously." :) That speaks volumes as to the condition - and conditioning - our heart and mind in evangelism.

B.E. Franks said...

Dr. Grant, have you published anywhere on your views on the liturgical year? I'd love to read your thoughts on the subject (or if you could point me to some resources/books that have shaped your thinking). As a Presbyterian I'm always a bit torn as I see some value in it but also want to hold fast to the Regulative Principle as understood by the Westminster Divines. Thanks!