Wednesday, October 10

New Urbanism at Its Best

First, there was the remarkable High Line project in New York City, transforming an abandoned overhead rail line into an elevated park. Now, plans are underway to bring the same kind of transformation to New Orleans with the very ambitious Lafitte Corridor. These projects represent New Urbanism at its best.


BrentR said...

Are we taking "Babylons" and trying to turn them into garden-cities? If they started adding reserved parking-spaces for mule teams, they might could even get Wendell Berry bought in.

gileskirk said...

In Tim Keller's new book, "Center Church," he has a sidebar on Wendell Berry and urbanism--very insightful support for the ideas of New Urbanism and the closely related idea of Urban Agrarianism (re: Andres Duaney, James Kuntsler, Prince Charles, et al).