Tuesday, March 21

ESV Bible

I have been using the English Standard Version almost exclusively for the past three years now—for teaching and preaching as well as for personal study and devotions. The more I use it, the more I appreciate it. Besides the extraordinarily clear and accurate text, the helpful cross reference system and the wide range of sizes and bindings make this one of the most usable, accessible, and fruitful Bible products in decades. It is as literal as the NASV, but without the wooden syntax and archaic grammatical constraints. It is as readable as the NIV, but without all of the egregious errors and insipid political correctness.

But, that is not all. The software and online tools provided by the publishers are unmatched. And now, those wise folks at Crossway have added an internet blogsite where issues of serious Bible study, translation, and exposition are discussed.

If you’ve not gotten acquainted yet with the ESV, by all means do so. It may very well be the Bible you’ve been looking for all your life.


D.J. Cimino said...

I recently made the switch to the ESV and I have loved it as well! I am so thankful that this translation of scripture is available.

covenantpromise said...

The session at my previous church decided to make the switch to the E.S.V about 2 years ago. I too have enjoyed reading this translation. My only lament is the dozen or so years I've spent memorizing scripture in the NASB translation. All in God's good providence I'm sure.

Jason P.

Lawrence Underwood said...

I, too, am using it more. I've used the NASB almost exclusively since 1980. The only drawback I see is that I find the bindings very poorly done.

Truth Seeker said...

Dr. Grant -

Anyone who has debated Catholics on sola scriptura knows that their favorite verse in denying it is 1 Tim 3:15.

In every translation I've ever seen that verse calls the church "the pillar and buttress of of truth." However, in the ESV it reads "a" pillar and butress of truth.

Of course that would do major damage to the RC perspective of acknowledging that the Church and its traditions has equal authority as scripture.

Not knowing what the Greek actually said about this, I wonder if the ESV translation of this verse is fair? Is there a Reformed biased here?

Thanks - Jim in Richmond

George said...

Jim: The phrase Paul uses there in 1 Timothy is "ekklhsia qeou zwntov." There is no definite article, "kai." So, the ESV traslation is correct.

Pickle Boy said...

I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the ESV. Unfortunately, I too have memorized much from the NIV since 1982! And if you want the ultimate in quality bindings, order yourself a goatskin bound ESV Bible from Bibles-Direct.com.
They're not inexpensive, but you'll absolutely love the quality and feel. These Bibles are reviewed at:


Jacob said...

I too have switched to the ESV. I have a question on Malichi 2:16 "For the man who hates and divorces,says the Lord..." is quite different than "I hate divorce, says the Lord..." NASV. Even the literal NASV states the verse differently. This is the main reason my pastor does not want to switch from his NKJV. Someone please explain the reasoning behind the ESV translation of Malichi 2:16. Thank you.

George said...

Jacob: The text is more than a little difficult to translate. Here is a word-for-word rendition from the Hebrew: "The LORD, God of Israel, says: hate and putting away covers violence with a garment, says the LORD of hosts: take heed to spirit, dealing not treacherously." Now given that, I think either the ESV or the KJV constructions are possible. But, it seems to me that the ESV may be closer--however much I might wish otherwise.

David McKay said...

George, I got here through seeing your comment on the ESV website. I recently read through the NT and then the Old using the TNIV, and am now reading through using the ESV Reformation Study Bible.

I find the language in the ESV awkward at times.

I was interested in your comment about using the ESV almost exclusively. With the many excellent English translations available, I think it is wise to compare versions and not read almost entirely in one version.

George said...

David: While I use the ESV almost exclusively for preaching and teaching, I most assuredly do compare with other translations when I study. I also use the Greek and Hebrew texts. But, I have continually been impressed by the accuracy and lucidity of the ESV.

Jacob said...

Thank you George for clarification on Malachi 2:16.I agree with your understanding of the ESV translation. However, I am curious why it seems the ESV is alone (at least from what I can tell)on the transltion of the text. Any thoughts?