Friday, March 10

Tribute CD Release Concert


Lilithravengirl said...


I listened to your podcast on Thomas Chalmers and it was awesome! I was wondering who I could contact in order to get the full set of tapes?

Thanks Esther

Amber Benton said...

Wish I could be there, give my love to Wes and Fran and the boys and prayer will continue. So is the cd finished and ready for purchase?!

I'll have to check out the website...

Amber Benton
Charlotte, NC

George said...

Esther: There is a 4-CD set available from Gileskirk. It has just the lectures. Then there is a 6-CD set that is almost ready from King's Meadow. It contains the lectures as well as the panel discussions and the questions and answers.

Amber: The CD is out and available. It can be purchased at or you can download it at iTunes.