Monday, March 6

Random Wonderfulness

Reasons to over-use exclamation points abound:

#1: Den of Iniquity Destroyed. Driving near Vanderbilt University in Nashville this past weekend I noticed that the building Planned Parenthood occupied for years is now being torn down. Good riddance!

#2: Homeschooling Joke: Twenty years ago if you mentioned you were going to home school your child, you would be asked two questions: “The government lets you do that?” and “But, what about socialization?” Now the tide has turned so that if you mention sending your child to public school, you may be asked these two questions instead: “God lets you do that?” and “But, what about socialization?”

#3: I'm Not Alone. Amerigo was voted Nashville's "Best Italian Restaurant" by the readers of the Nashville Scene urban tabloid!

#4: Properly Shelved. I noticed that the big Borders store near the Vandy campus has shelved the new Al Franken political diatribe, Truth, in the Recent Fiction section!

#5: Also Properly Shelved. I also noticed the Left Behind series--and all of its sundry spin-offs--was shelved in the Juvenile/Humor section!

#6: Bradford Pears. OK. So, they only last for a few years and can't handle even the mildest of winds but, man oh man, they sure are beautiful when they start to bloom this time of year!

#7: Irrelevant Oscars. I'd love to be able to say that nobody cared and nobody watched--but, that would be stretching it. Not by much though!


Dominion Family said...

Every time I wax eloquent about Bradford pears someone tells me all their weak points. I don't care either! Glad to know you are a kindred spirit.

Diane V. said...

Yes indeed, Bradford Pears are quite the site and we enjoy our two in our backyard every Spring! Unfortunately, several of our neighbors have lost some of their Bradford's to high winds just last year. They keep reminding us that our trees are the next to go. But we are hoping that Providence is on our side! They are after all over 10 years old!

MH said...

Reason #8: Daffodils are in bloom!

Stephen said...

The Juvenile/Humor section works pretty well for the Left Behind series, since there is not a separate section for Rapture Porn.

covenantpromise said...

Dr. Grant,

I had a very tasty Filet Mignon @ The Amerigo's on Moores lane. I was quite satisfied. I also happened to recognize the fine manager of the restaraunt and introduced myself to him.

Jason P

D.J. Cimino said...

Ah... Bradford pears, first to bloom in spring and last to turn in the fall. Great trees!

kala said...
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Dominion Family said...

Let me try again.
Yesterday was a bad pear day, but ours survived. I hope yours did too.

Bekah said...

Ooh, I wonder if I can convince our Borders to remove the Left Behind series from the religious section to their appropriate resting place!