Thursday, March 9

Greenville Seminary Conference

I will be speaking at the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary spring conference this week. I am thrilled by the opportunity to once again tell the story of Thomas Chalmers and his missional vision--a message that I believe is more relevant today than ever.

For more information about the conference schedule, topics, and a list of speakers visit the seminary website.


Amy Hauck said...

we travelled to Greenville especially to hear your lecture on the life and work of Thomas Chalmers. What an amazing man.but I couldn't help smiling to myself as I listened to you; I kept thinking that future generations will one day be travelling across the map to hear of the life and work of Dr. George Grant. You are and have been an inspiration to untold numbers of people all over the globe. Thank you for your inspiring lecture, I've never felt so slothful. Pax Christi, Amy H.

George said...

Amy: Thank you for your kind encouragement. I had a wonderful time with my friends in Greenville--and I had a wonderful time introducing folks to one of my favorite heroes, Thomas Chalmers.