Sunday, January 25

Lord's Day Must

The wonderful thing about blogdom is that it enables readers, thinkers, and learners to gain access to the ongoing work of wise men and women and creative artists and writers. I regularly read the blogs of several friends and colleagues not simply to keep up with their sundry doings, their latest thinking, and their best musings, but for the benefit of my own inspiration and growth. There is one blog in particular I just can’t miss: Peter Leithart’s View from Peniel. The good doctor Leithart never ceases to amaze. His books are profound. His articles are erudite. And, as you might expect, even his blogs are insightful. I particularly benefit from his Sunday morning meditations for his Homily or for the administration of the sacraments of the Lord's Supper and Baptism. He challenges me. He steps on my toes. He makes me think. He provokes me to wrangle and argue--just a bit, and in the safety of my own study, of course! In other words, he does all the things a really good teacher should do. Visit just once and I think you'll be as hooked as I am. Peter's ruminations are now a Lord's Day must!

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