Monday, February 25

TR On Heroes

"Every great nation owes to the men whose lives have formed part of its greatness not merely the material effect of what they did, not merely the laws they placed upon the statute books or the victories they won over armed foes, but also the immense but indefinable moral influence produced by their deeds and words themselves upon the national character." Theodore Roosevelt

Friday, February 15

A Plethora of Sites

1. Our primary ministry blog:
2. Our church website:
3. Our school's website:
4. The college website:
5. Our coop website:
6. Our study center website:
7. This site, just for fun:
8. Our pro-life blog:
9. Our blog for the Parish Life Network:
10. Our seldom updated (shame, shame) running blog:; which is a corollary of our running team website:
11. And then, there are all our  social media sites:!/gileskirk and this doesn't include the King's Meadow Google + site, the Pinterest site, the King's Meadow Twitter site, and probably a couple of others we're not able to remember right off the top of our heads right now!

Wednesday, February 13

St. Valentine's Day

Valentine was a third century pastor who was imprisoned for his faith.  He wrote small pastoral notes to members of his congregation on leaves he was able to pluck from a maple tree just outside his cell.  These little “Valentine’s cards” expressed his love for the flock, and his desire that they demonstrate like love toward one another.  Gradually the tradition grew up for Christians to exchange notes of love and encouragement to one another every year on his birthday, February 14.