Wednesday, May 26

Independent Film Festival

I am thrilled to have been invited to be a judge at a Christian film festival that aims to cultivate Biblical alternatives to the Hollywood cultural plutocracy. The timing couldn’t be better. This is a wonderful time to be a Christian engaged in the arts. The cultural antithesis between the City of God and the City of Man is as obvious as it has ever been. The enormous leadership vacuum within our culture has opened a world of opportunity for a new generation of Christian writers, thinkers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers to challenge the status quo presented by Humanist elites who would--if they could--banish Gospel truth from the public square.

The 2004 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival will be held November 11-13. The vision of the festival and its fabulous Jubilee Awards is to take the first of the many steps necessary to recover our culture for the Lord Jesus. The idea is to start in the area of film by encouraging, motivating, and rewarding those uncompromising, creative, and innovative filmmakers who are willing to take the narrow path.

During the festival there will be lectures by a number of prominent Christian thinkers, artists, and writers such as R.C. Sproul Jr., Doug Phillips, and Ron Maxwell. There will also be thousands of dollars in prizes and awards--including a $10,000 grand prize. And of course, if that were not enough, there is the wonderful city of San Antonio to entice you--think of the beautiful Riverwalk, the historic Alamo, Rudy's delicious BBQ, and Bill Miller's to-die-for breakfast tacos.

Early bird registration for this exciting event lasts only six more days. Visit the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival website for more details.

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