Tuesday, July 6

The Next Generation of Leaders

I am currently in Newport News, VA for the tenth annual Christian Worldview Student Conference--something I have looked forward to being a part of nearly every year since its inception. CWSC is one of the best conferences anywhere on any subject, bringing together the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow at a lovely university campus to wrestle with history, politics, economics, law, culture, art, philosophy, theology, and contemporary affairs from a distinctly Biblical perspective. I love it.

I am particularly grateful that over the course of the past decade pastors Pete Hurst and Byron Snapp, along with their faithful congregation here in the Virginia Maritimes, have undertaken this remarkable ministry.

I was enthralled earlier today as Herb Titus laid the intellectual and historical foundations for the rule of law, as Douglas Wilson described the character of a trinitarian society, and as Steve Wilkins portrayed the valor and glory of Christian mission in this poor fallen world. Tomorrow, James Nickel will lecture on a Biblical perspective of Math and Science. I just had to keep pinching myself! This is just too good to be true! I look out over a sea of young faces soaking up all this grace and my hope is renewed.

And then there is the book table--or should I say, tables. Whoa Nelly! Stacks and stacks and stacks of great stuff--in appropriate mixtures of old stuff and new stuff. I'm gonna be broke before the end of the day. Thanks be to God.

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