Monday, August 9

New Books

The newly revised, corrected, and plumped up edition of The Christian Almanac is now available from Cumberland House. Best known around my house as "the monstrous 830-page book that nearly ate my life," the new edition has a great new cover and cleaned up interior design as well as a few minor updates and a few major corrections. The old edition had dozens of glitches, snafus, and howlers so Greg Wilbur and I are thrilled to have our names on this new and improved version.

In a few weeks, my little book, The Importance of the Electoral College, will also be out. Written as a white-paper study just after the 2000 election for the Conservative Caucus, this updated edition will finally be published for the general public by Vision Forum.

And speaking of new and improved, this website and blog are about to undergo a major upgrade. I'm an early adopter but a late adapter--thus, the technology of the site is actually quite outdated. So, we'll be working on a bit of a facelift as well as a significant infrastructure overhaul. I hope to be able to add a shopping cart feature so that folks can actually buy these new books--as well as all the old ones. What a concept!

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