Thursday, October 28

How Bout Them BoSox?

There is an awful lot to love about New England--it is beautiful; it is historic; it has fabulous food (I could handle some clam chowder or a lobster roll or a boiled dinner even now). I have a number of dear friends in New England; some of the best vacations Karen and I have ever taken were in New England; I've been a lifelong Celtics fan; and I'll choose New England skiing over Colorado skiing any day. I wouldn't even mind if the Pats broke the thirty-plus-year-old record of the Dolphins this year by running the table in the AFC on the way to another Lombardi trophy (certainly my woeful Titans are not going to be in the picture). So for all those reasons, I am thrilled that the hunt for an all-red October ended with the BoSox on top. The old Bambino Monkey is finally off the back of the Sox Nation.

But, here is my caveat: I am really hoping that I am not watching some sort of a cosmic and universal trend here--New Englanders winning it all in each and every one of the highest stakes games around. Surely, a World Series and a fist full of Super Bowls should be enough, don't you think? Let's stop short of a sweep and put somebody else in the White House! OK? Deal?

The Government We Deserve

I try to follow all the polling data across the country. I usually check three or four sites at least twice a day. This is partly because I am a political hound. But it is also because I know how important the presidential election is this year--for the future our national security, for the future of the federal judiciary, for the future of the pro-life movement, for the future of Social Security, and for the future of substantive education in our nation.

I keep looking for a breakthrough. I keep looking for good news. Alas, nothing of the sort appears to be in sight. Indeed, right now the polls really scare me. This whole election really scares me. I guess that is because I am afraid we will actually get the government we deserve. And if that happens, then we are really going to be hip deep in the Big Muddy!

From now until Election Day, I am going to pray, "Lord, have mercy. Have mercy and do not give us what we deserve."

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