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Tour de Lance

Armstrong passing Ullrich
Armstrong passing Ullrich
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Lance Armstrong began the Tour de France in dominating fashion as he blew past his arch-rival Jan Ullrich during the first stage time trial at Noirmoutier-en-l'Île Vendée.

Armstrong fished second overall to fellow American David Zabriskie on the 11.8-mile course along the western coast of France. The 25-year-old Zabriskie posted the fastest time trial in Tour history, clocking 20 minutes, 51 seconds, to take the yellow jersey as overall leader. He shattered the the old time-trial record held by yet another American, Greg Lemond, since 1989.

Though Armstrong didn't win, he accomplished what he set out to do on this first day: demorlaizing his major rivals by opening up important time gaps over the likes of 1997 winner Jan Ullrich--who finished 1:06 slower than Armstrong, and may have been affected by a crash in training Friday. Alexandre Vinokourov, Ullrich's teammate and another top contender to unseat Armstrong, placed third. But he was 51 seconds slower than the Texan.

"It's incredible what he has done today," said Armstrong's team coach, Johan Bruyneel. Indeed it is. It appears that Armstrong may really be on his way to claiming an unprecedented seventh straight Tour crown.


Andrew said...

That is because here in Texas, we breed 'em big and strong.

Gig 'em Ags!

The Common Anglican

Johnny! said...

Dude bailed on his wife.

I'm not proud.

Jill said...

Wow, what a role model! Not the type I respect---He is an amazing biker but certainly is no role model. He cheated on his wife and children. Why should we have to respect him?
This type of behavior is typical of today's "heroes"---gross. All people should watch how they live, especially those in the public spot light.

Richard in Austin said...

As an Austinite, I have very strong, mixed feelings regarding our city's beloved yellow-jerseyed champion, Mr. Lance Armstrong. Just because he's from my home town - let alone the great Lone Star State - I will not give him accolades. Yes, he did leave his accolades there either. However, thank God that Mr. Armstrong's sins can be forgiven if he calls upon the name of the Lord. And thank God that His mercy is available for all of us...THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND FOR YOUR BLOOD!

As a moral role model, Mr. Armstrong clearly falls short.

As an athlete, few can compare.

As a cancer survior, he is an inspiration.

But how much more of an inspiration would he be if Jesus was Lord of his life?

Let all of our prayers be that Mr. Armstrong come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, repent, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then, perhaps, he could be a righteous role model and inspire all those wearing his yellow bracelets to serve and glorify the Lord.

Austin, Texas

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JFred said...

I recently finished the Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Charles Lindbergh and am reminded of Armstrong. God gave both incredible amounts of Common Grace, but Lindbergh led a life of self-absorbtion, ulitimately alienating friends and family. Armstrong seems to be on the same path. As a native Texan and proud American, I've always wanted to like him, but leaving his wife and beautiful children removed any doubt that Lance cares only about himself.