Sunday, September 4

Desire Street Ministries

Desire Street Ministries is one of the most remarkable and effective urban outreaches and community development ministries anywhere in the country. Sadly, like nearly everyone else in the city of New Orleans, the ministry, its leaders, and their families have suffered a devastating, total loss following the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe.

Mo Leverett, the PCA pastor who pioneered the work among the poorest of the poor in that benighted city, was able to evacuate safely with his family. He has now set up temporary, makeshift offices in Atlanta. Despite the fact that he and his family have literally lost everything--their home, their ministry facilities, and all of their worldly positions--they know that Desire Street's work is more vital than ever before. So, Mo and his dedicated staff and volunteers are already beginning the process of reorganizing and rebuilding.

It won't be easy. The staff is as scattered and in as much need of substantial financial relief as the families they have long ministered to in the heart of the city. Nevertheless, the ministry is quickly mobilizing to partner with other relief organizations and churches to respond to the needs of the refugees from New Orleans. They are also in the process of looking for an alternate location for Desire Street Academy--a vital classical Christian school committed to raising up a whole new generation of leaders from and for the inner city.

Please pray. But also, please consider giving financially. The ministry's website was down and offline for most of the last week--but a remote server site has been established and the site is up and running again. There you can find the latest information, a people registry, and all various ways you can contribute to this vital work.

If you would like to respond financially, you can give directly online at the website or you can send your checks payable to Desire Street Ministries and mail them to:

Whitney National Bank
Mail Teller
1716 Mangum Road
Houston, TX 77092

Now is the time for us to come together to support local, indigenous ministries like Desire Street as they seek to minister to their beloved neighbors.

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DavidF said...

Dr. G,
Thanks so much for continuing to shine a light on this wonderful ministry that is so greatly needed. Mo has been a faithful servant in a calling that many of us will never understand. What an opportunity to give to a brother who has given so much of himself!