Thursday, October 6

Quacks and Conycatchers

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I ran across this little blurb from something I wrote fifteen years ago:

"Sozzled with preposterous false expectations and bedazzled by a ceaseless chatter of well meant platitudes, the media has told the truth about the falsehood that they tell. Like all the other quacks and conycatchers now crowding the public trough in Washington, their suppositions drift ethereally above normal logical processes and pass into the murky domain of transcendental metaphysics. Such is to be expected. That is their job. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not the rest of us will be willing to give up our lackadaisical political canoodling and simply take up the difficult task of restoring the standards of justice, mercy, and truth in our land."

Hmmm. Nuff said. Still.


Unknown said...

Good points about the media. Thankfully that harpoon from back then is now joined by a chorus of criticisms from many places.
You were a good writer and thinker 15 years ago.
Your tongue-in-cheek friend,

Chris Yokel said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. "Sozzled", "canoodling".I love it!