Tuesday, October 11


I will be on the road the next several days, ministering. Today and tomorrow, I will be in beautiful Chattanooga to speak at First Presbyterian Church's annual missions conference. Then I fly to Boston Thursday morning. After an afternoon haunting Harvard Yard (and hopefully snagging a few good antiquarian books) I will drive up to New Hampshire with my good friends from Tri-Cities Covenant Church. I spend the rest of the weekend there speaking several times at the church and at the local Crisis Pregnancy Center--with only a brief respite to run a 10K road race: Portsmouth's Bridges 4 Friendship. Then, it is back to Boston, on to Chattanooga, and the drive back to Franklin.


Anonymous said...

NH - my homeland!
I hope your visit is wonderful. The air should be crisp and great for running.
Please give a review after you get back!

From Virginia,

azcard said...

You should come to AZ next weekend and watch the Cards drub the Titans! ;)