Wednesday, January 4


In-Vince-Able! Hook 'em Horns!


Unknown said...

Some interesting game stats.

Reggie Bush - 82 yds rushing and 95 yds receiving.
(2005 Heisman winner)

Vince Young - 200 yds rushing and 267 yds passing.
(2005 Heisman runner up)

You think Vince Young was motivated?? Take THAT Heisman Trophy voters.

Richard in Austin said...

Now...being from down here in Austin where most of the town bleeds burnt orange, I may be just slightly biased...but...what an absolutely amazing game!

Congratulations to Vince Young as well as Head Coach Mac Brown - not only for their incredible victory, but for their incredible character demonstrated under the intense pressure of a back-and-forth national title game.

Did any of you notice Mac Brown's reaction when UT missed that field goal? The network cameras showed him calm, cool and collected. He didn't yell at the kicker (who previously missed an extra point) or swear or show any kind of frustraton. Instead, he was encouraging and motivating. You could read Mac's lips ("That's O.K.") as he clapped his hands and enthusiastically kept his players up for the game: no off color expurlatives, just a healthy positive and optimistic response. What a great example for his team!

Regarding Vince: On the last scoring drive - right before the 4th down play where he scored to put UT ahead with seconds left, the camera zoomed in for a close up on him as he prepared to take the snap. In the midst of all the intense pressure of the moment and all the knots in his stomach he surely must have been feeling, Vince had a certain calmness in his eyes. He quickly reviewed USC's defense, took the snap, and gracefully scrambled his way to history.

...and a two point conversion.

Thanks to the character, dertermination, and God-given abilities of these two men, the nation (heck...the world ) got to enjoy one of the greatest football games ever played - collegiate or otherwise.

May we be inspired by the Heroes of the Faith as much as we are by the heroes of the Texas Longhorn football team.

God Bless Texas.