Friday, May 19


While I am in England, I will take a brief hiatus from blogging--until June 1 or 2 (depending on the jet lag and the piles of correspondence on my desk). In the meantime, here are some of the places I will be visiting with my students:


Mrs. Simmons said...

This NC Gileskirk family is eager to go with you! :) Perhaps next year... (hint hint) :)
God bless you all as you enjoy the beauty that is England.
~the Simmons family

gileskirk said...

We're working on a possible Gileskirk trip for next year. I think that would be wonderful if we can work out all the logistics.

Jayme said...

Spectacular photos! Each captures the thing and the thing about the thing perfectly. Please tell me you didn't take these. It could have bearing on my fondness for you. One really can have too many talents.

Happy travel - please let us know when you're coming our way.

larry white said...

Jayme said it well. Your selection of photos is cream-of-the-crop, you-are-there Anglophile (for one who's never been there); surpassing dustcovers of Elgar, Vaughn Williams, Delius, or Britten.

Amber Benton said...

Today is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's b'day, and Google's image made me think of you and your pictures and your trip!



L. Mckinley Davis said...

Ah, England.
London has my heart and refuses to give it back to me.
Well, I certainly hope that your trip has been wonderful.

Have a great summer,
Logan Davis.