Sunday, December 3

Parish Pres

Our first services were glorious. Thanks be to God.

Both services were full--indeed, the first was all but overflowing.

The refreshment of Word, sacrament, and covenant community was particularly rich.

We are a blessed people--beyond all measure.


Laura Kathryn said...

Dr. Grant,
I was in Memphis yesterday at the St. Jude's marathon and was so happy to get to meet you! Thanks for stopping even while you were still panting from the run.
Congratulations on beating your time! Being able to run a marathon is a great blessing and an amazing accomplishment.
My family is quite pleased that I got to hug our "in-home celebrity."
God bless -Kathryn Green

gileskirk said...

Kathryn: It was such a delight to meet you--and to see a friendly smiling face at the finish line! Give my warmest regards to your whole family. Standfast. Dr. G

Unknown said...

I wasn't able to comment on Greg's site for some reason but I found out about your new parish because I was trying to find out when CC would be having their Lessons and Carols service.

2 things:

Will Parish Pres be having a Lessons and Carols service?

Could Greg Wilbur write a Lessons and Carols Advent Devotional for time for next year?

Diane V. said...

You've had some weekend! Two glorious services AND a personal marathon record! Life is good with God's favor all around you! We're so happy for you!