Tuesday, March 6

Remember the Alamo

On this day in 1836, the Alamo, a former mission in San Antonio, Texas, fell after a nearly two week-long siege to Mexican dictator, General Antonio López de Santa Anna. The whole garrison was slaughtered. The Tennessee Volunteers, led by former congressman Davy Crockett, and their Texan comrades were outnumbered 15 to 1. Despite the loss, the 13-day holdout stalled the Mexican Army's progress and allowed another former Tennessee lawmaker, Sam Houston, to gather troops and supplies for his later successful battle at San Jacinto. The frontier patriots ultimately were to win the war and to establish the independent Republic of Texas.


Richard in Austin said...

Dr. Grant:

Thank you for "Remembering!"

My grandfather six generations back had a brother who was a Tennessee lawyer named Micajah Autry who was a buddy of Crockett's. They came down to Texas together with the intention of helping to write the Texas constitution and acquiring some premium land for thier families. However, Providence had another fate in mind for them.

For your reading pleasure, here's an excerpt from the last of the three known letters Micajah Autry sent back home to Nashville on his way to Texas. This particular letter was sent a couple weeks before he and Crockett entered the Alamo garrison:

"We stand guard of nights and night before last was mine to stand two hours during which the moon rose in all her mildness but splendor and majesty. With what pleasure did I contemplate that lovely orb chiefly because I recollected how often you and I have taken pleasure in standing in the door and contemplating her together. Indeed I imagined that you might be looking at her at the same time. Farewell Dear Martha."

- Micajah Autry
Nacogdoches, Texas
January 13, 1836

Dr. Grant, thank you again for commemorating the fall of the Alamo on your Grantian Florilegium!

Richard Welch
Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...


I have another question for you :-) I apologize that is does not correlate with your blog. I am seriously considering taking a missions trip to China, and was wondering if you might know of any good history books about China?

Thanks Esther