Wednesday, November 7

Bow Tie Trend

I guess if you are persistently old-fashioned enough, long enough, fashion trends have a chance to circle back on you. I dare not say too much here, but it looks as if my penchant for bow ties just might have a chance to become respectable again. At least, that's what a photo-essay in New York Times asserts. What will those crazy kids think of next?


Anonymous said...

Dr. Grant:

Like you, I have a penchant for a fashion trend that comes and goes.

Mine is for braces, a.k.a. suspenders (the button kind, not the clip-on kind).

Just like your beloved bow ties, braces seem to fall in and out of style every few years.

My advice to you regarding wearing what you love:



Beth said...

Real men don't wear clip-on bow ties, either (I know you don't).

My dad almost always wore bow ties. On his last day at work before he retired, all the folks in the office--even the ladies--as well as the blue collar workers in the plant wore bow ties to honor him.

Unknown said...

It would seem as though bow ties are making something of a comeback in the younger generation.

As young man working in Washington, I am seeing more and more of my peers choosing a classic bow tie over the banal necktie.

It has been my experience that Brooks Brothers makes excellent bow ties, and eBay provides an equally excellent venue to purchase them at a reasonable price.

Pressing Toward the Mark,

Unknown said...

I see many bow ties and my son's college-Washington and Lee.

Josh (the sexiest thing here) said...

Good to see Vanderbilt well represented.

Fountain pens and well-tied ties are benchmarks of civility.

Dale Tedder said...

But I'm sure, as the photo reveals, they'll still be wearing those cursed flip-flops. Ughhhh.

Standing Firm,

Lawrence Underwood said...

I only hope that a craze does not develop and run the prices up like it has on my favourite, the fedora. One used to be able to pick up vintage fedoras for very resonable prices. Now, astronomical bids are a daily happening on ebay.