Wednesday, February 13

What I'm Reading


Eric Sidler said...

Mr. Grant,

I'm amazed at how many books you're able to churn through. May I ask how you do it? How many hours a day/week do you devote to reading and study? Do you have any tips for us mere mortals?


Eric Sidler

Bonnie said...

You got Tim Keller's book!
Just published. Please comment
on it on your blog.


jlesnett said...

Dr. Grant,

I'm listening to your Christendom lectures during my morning commutes. Great stuff as usual. I want to learn more about the history of Islam. Can you recommend any books? I recently listened to your lectures on Islam with Servant International and read Understanding Iraq by Polk.

Your biggest fan in NC,


lael said...

Dr Grant,
I would be very interested in hearing your answer to Eric's question...what does your reading life look like in terms of hours and minutes? :-)
- Lael (an avid reader from Chicago)

Lawrence Underwood said...

I see you've gotten to Sword Song before I could. I'm waiting on my copy from the library. I've been amazed at the story thus far. . .

gileskirk said...

Eric and Lael: There is actually no secret to reading a goodly number of books. I just make sure that I always have a book or two with me. I read between appointments when I'm waiting at Starbucks. I read in the evenings--instead of watching TV. I read for fun. Of course, I also read for work--but, I rarely list my day-to-day work books here. My wife and I wrote a book a few years ago about all the different aspects of lifetime reading. I sometimes turn to the pages of Shelf Life just to remember various aspects of integrating good books into the good life. The one thing that I NEVER do is "speed-read." As I've gotten older, I've become more and more adverse to both speed-reading (fast-books) and speed-eating (fast-food).

Bonnie: I've just begun Tim Keller's book. I have always loved his work--from the earliest days when he first was writing as a Westminster Seminary prof. This new book already feels a bit like a Redeemer NYC tonic for the soul. Excellent stuff.

Lawrence: I found the new Cornwell book at a Books-a-Million (far-and-away, my favorite of the big chain bookstores) for 60% off. I couldn't resist. The other volumes in the series had already been remaindered. So, I got all four volumes for less than the cover price of one. I guess the chaos in the publishing business pays off sometimes.

Lawrence Underwood said...

Thanks, I'll have to check on that. BAM is my favourite as well. Perhaps I won't have to wait as long to find out just what Uhtred does next. I've been amazed at the tapestry that Cornwell weaves around his character.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

George - have you ever watched any of the films based on Cornwell's books?

Diane V. said...

My daughter has started reading Keller's book and when I showed her that you were reading it as well she smiled and said, "You see, mom, great minds think alike!"

Eric Sidler said...

Dr. Grant,

Thanks for your response to my question.

Kerry said...

Thanks for your book list. Every so often, I check your blog to see what you are reading and add a few books to my list. It's been awhile, but last time I got Witness Warfare and Counsel for Christian Workers. I bought some of the others at that time, but haven't gotten to them.

Since I am watching Modernity for the second time, I was interested in the fascism book. We are in the middle of WW2 right now. I'll look at our library to see if there is a copy.

Thanks, also for your comments about speed reading and speed eating. You shared those thoughts on Gileskirk look in the past and I've told others what you said. We are surrounded by people who think reading more is better and I appreciate your comments!

Lastly, my good friend Noel Leithart told me about a site where you can keep a list of books you've read or you're reading. It's called Each person in my family joined and now we can see what each other is reading.