Wednesday, May 14

Relief for Myanmar and China

Because of the enormity of the crises following the Myanmar Cyclone and the China Earthquake--the unimaginable human suffering there made even more difficult by governmental recalcitrance--many Christians have wondered how they can possibly help. At this moment, three strategically placed organizations are working to bring help to tens of thousands of victims--and these organizations desperately need our financial and prayer support.

Samaritan's Purse is already on the ground in Burma (or Myanmar as the country is generally called). They are very well connected with the underground church there--both in the capital Rangoon, and in the more remote jungle regions along the Thai border. They are currently coordinating temporary shelter at the displacement camps and providing fresh water supplies.

Food for the Hungry is one of the world's most effective Evangelical relief and development organizations with crisis teams already deployed in China and Burma. They working night and day to provide food, shelter, refugee relocation, medicine, and Gospel hope to the people there.

World Vision, one of the most recognized and respected Christian relief and development organizations, has worked in Burma for more than forty years. They have between five and six hundred aid workers already on staff there. So, while the UN and other governmental agencies are being stopped at the borders and airfields, World Vision is able to get help directly to the people.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. G., you may also add Terry Law's organization, World Compassion, to your list. (You met his son in Iraq.) The organization already had visas before the cyclone, and have taken in not only medicine and food, but 25 Vortex Voyager water filters, far and away the best in the world (and invented by a Christian from Texas who had such disasters in mind).