Friday, June 20


Most of us tend to clutter our lives with so much that is unnecessary. We have too many things. We have too many commitments. We have too many distractions. When I am able to clear away the competing concerns, the niggling disruptions, and the clanging alarms of my crowded life, I find that I am much better able to do the things I am called to do. I am in a much better state of mind. According to Thomas Chalmers, “The accumulation of mere stuff is often a dead weight that hampers our freedom to move, to go, to do what we have always known that we should.”


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

If ever there was a simple but profound truth, this is one.

Androphenese said...

No doubt one of Satan's most subtle strategies is to make Christians busybodies who don't find time for Christ.