Wednesday, July 9

Evolution of an Idea


Carmon Friedrich said...

I am having a blast finding webapps to put on my iPhone (which was a gift from my husband last year). I have downloaded Pandora, the Remote app, Reader, Google News (all free), and I paid for the EtchASketch. I would be interested to know if you found any webapps you especially like (if you have an iPhone, which I assume you do!)


gileskirk said...

Carmon: So far, I've added the ESV Bible, the New York Times (odd to have those two things side-by-side), ShoZu (a productivity tool for Blogger, Twitter, and several other applications), and a simple check list widget. The biggest thing though is having my .Mac (now MobileMe) info "pushed" onto my device just as if I had Exchange (only better because it is Apple)! I'm not going to upgrade to a 3G for a while at least, but these new software apps are great!

Carmon Friedrich said...

I still have the original iPhone, too, and I'm glad I can get the new software apps...some are actually useful and the Etch-a-Sketch will keep my children entertained at odd moments. My husband is getting a new phone, though, with the excuse that he needs it for keeping on top of Mac development for his work. That excuse has given me some nice cast-offs over the years :-). This cobbler's wife does not have to go barefoot when it comes to technology!