Monday, October 27

Monday Night: Code Blue


Jason Smith said...

After weeks of picking against the Titans, I am now a believer.

So, I sure hope they show up tonight! Beat Indy! Beat Indy! Beat Indy!

My Cowboys continue to flirt with mediocrity.

Jason said...

Uh...It's the 4th game of the World Series. If the Phillies clinch it tonight, they take the Series in 5 games.

It is presently the bottom of the
4th inning with the Phillies leading 2-1.

Good to see Jason Smith commenting on this fine blog. How is life in Southern Bama? We miss you and your family.

Jason Smith said...

Life is blessed. God is merciful and kind. My family is doing wonderfully.

It is so good to see you posting as well! The world needs more Jasons. Tell the entire family we said hello.

I know, I know. Baseball is being played!

Anonymous said...

All I know is my dear wife has now left me a Fantasy Football widower thanks to the success of the Titans!

Dave in Clt said...

go Panthers

gileskirk said...

David: You know I have a soft spot for the Panthers! So, I'm rooting for the Titans to meet the Panthers in the Super Bowl this year! Wouldn't that be fun?