Tuesday, February 3

4th Annual Film Conference

The 4th Annual King's Meadow Film and Worldview Conference will be held in Franklin, TN on February 20-21, 2009 at Parish Presbyterian Church.

As Greg Wilbur has argued, "The medium of film is a complex, multi-layered, many dimensional art form that encompasses numerous levels of communication. Too often Christian film reviews focus solely on the plot, trying to show how the storyline agrees or disagrees with Scripture. To be sure, the worldview of the narrative matters, but how that worldview is expressed specifically through the medium of film also matters-and it matters greatly. A good filmmaker can tell the audience more through non-verbal expression than the actual dialogue can."

Over the course of two days of lectures, film-viewings, fellowship, and discussion we will learn much more about how to approach film with understanding. I certainly hope you will consider attending.

We now have online registration available. The cost is $40 with group rates available.

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