Saturday, July 25

Obama-Care Org Chart


Jake O. said...

Clear & simple. What could go wrong?

David or Jill King said...

Where is the off-shoot saying that law-makers are free to choose their own plan?

Unknown said...

Looks similar to the way it is now, except at the top of the food chain are the insurance companies and their profits.

Whatever happened to free speech? Don't delete my posts! I'm not saying anything distasteful, unless you don't like the taste of truth.

Unknown said...

But, to be fair, the pharmaceutical companies are worse than the insurance companies. Maybe the FDA should do a little better job at making sure drugs are safe, and stop accepting Pfizer's bribes.

gileskirk said...


1. I didn't delete anything--but even if I had, this is not a public forum; it's my personal blog, my online journal.

2. This is nothing at all like what presently exists. There certainly are snarls of greed, injustice, and bureaucracy in pharmaceutical companies or HMOs or insurance companies, but none of us are coerced into financing or submitting to their decrees--and the greed, injustice, and bureaucracy of the private sector pales in comparison to the federal government.

3. We still have freedom to choose--and there are always options in American health care. But, if Obama-Care passes, all that disappears.

Unknown said...

1. Well thanks for hearing and responding to me this time.

2. I agree. I think the best option would be state-by-state insurance plans to compete with those of the larger insurance companies.

3. Nothing in ObamaCare limits our ability to choose. Providing a public option doesn't mean it's mandatory. We have an option now, and would have an option later.

Anyway, 'ObamaCare' doesn't really mean anything. The bill is going to look totally different when it comes out of Congress, and it's those changes we have to watch for, because that's where the lobbying happens.

gileskirk said...

John: Actually it is not true at all that there is any choice in the bill. Read the current version. After 2013, there will be no other options. Despite what the Democratic shills, including the president, are asserting the plan creates a complete command and control system.

Read the bill. It is frightening. It creates vast, new, unconstitutional powers for an unelected bureaucracy. And to make it all worse, it will inevitably decimate the level of medical care across the board.