Saturday, May 1

Eilas Photography

I love it when my students go on to do great things, creative things, adventurous things--when they start families, build businesses, pursue dreams. I have students who have become pastors and artists and musicians and teachers and designers and small business owners and political consultants and military officers and the list goes on and on.

Recently, I got a package in the mail from one student who has now begun a bow tie company. Not long before that, I received a gift certificate to another student's restaurant. I feel like a proud papa!

Another of my students has become a remarkably gifted photographer. I've worked with her innumerable times at weddings. And I always thrill to see her artfully conceived family shoots. So, when we decided to do family photos this past Christmas, it was a no-brainer to call her to schedule a session of our own.

We are all thrilled with the results--and are already planning our next shoot.

Check out her photo portfolio at Laurel's Blog or her main website at Eilas Photography.

Not only am I a satisfied customer, but a proud papa as well. Here you can see why:

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Sharon said...

Thanks for posting about Eilas Photography! We enjoy taking photographs and photo journaling ourselves. Before I knew it I had spent 45 minutes just perusing her photo blog!