Friday, August 13

Something as Simple as a Spire

"Catching sight of something as simple as the spiritualized beauty of the church spire brought to mind a twinge of regret at our modern loss: representative of something in the village more difficult to define than the social function symbolized by the pharmacist, the retired tobacco-inspector and the optician, but something which is, nevertheless, not unworthy of respect, were it only for the perception of it's meaning--pointing upward into the sunset where it loses itself so lovingly in the rose-colored clouds; and which, all the same, at first sight, to a stranger alighting in the village, looks somehow better, nobler, more dignified, with more meaning behind it, and with, what we need, more love than the other buildings, however sanctioned they may be under the latest laws." Marcel Proust


Lawrence Underwood said...

My family misses the 'norm' of church steeples. I know that there is no Biblical prescription for such architecture, but there is a lovely sense of presence to that type of structure. We used to love topping the hill of a certain town and see the spires of the various church buildings lifting above the trees.

I know that not all of the churches that met beneath those steeples would be truly honouring God when they met, but it appeared to me that the steeples were a silent testimony to the fact that regardless of man's attitude toward him and his word God still reigns supreme.

Rev. Timothy L. Van Lant said...

After attending GA, I discover your blog. I have been blessed. If possible, I would like to know the source citations for the quotes you post. I would especially like to know the source of this Proust quote.
TE Tim Van Lant

Linda said...

Of the many things I love about Franklin, her church steeples are one of the best!