Tuesday, September 7

The Past as Future Orientation

"People will not look forward to posterity who will not look backward to their ancestors." Edmund Burke


EJN said...

Dr. Grant,
What is the source for the Burke quotes?

Nick said...


I'm looking to have a debate against a Protestant. Since Authority and Salvation are the two major points of contention between Protestants and Catholics, I'd be happy to debate you on some specific aspect of those subjects.

For example:

Is Sola Scriptura taught in Scripture?
Are the Deutero-Canonical Books part of Scripture?
Is the Papacy Biblical and/or Historical?
Did the Reformers have the right to break away from Rome?

Is Sola Fide Biblical?
Debating texts like Rom 4, Gal 3, Eph 2, Phil 3, James 2, Ps 106:30f, etc.
Can Salvation be lost?
Is Imputation Biblical?
Is Penal Substitution Biblical?
Is Active Obedience Biblical?
Is TULIP biblical?
Was Augustine closer to Protestantism or Catholicism?
Can man have Assurance of his Salvation?

I'm open to these OR ANY OTHER similar topic.

I would suggest a debate lasting 4-6 weeks, with an 3-4k essay due at the end of each week.



Andrea said...

hmmm...i.e. AMERICA! :) And let's emphasize that the word is "posterity" and not "prosperity" although the two are invariably linked as we are seeing with the now muslim takeover of the world. Ha!