Saturday, July 6

Uttermost Challenge: Week 1

This summer I'm running 500 miles, biking 1500 miles, and swimming 13 miles--along the way, I'll be joined by some of my friends and students. 

Why would we take on such a huge challenge, you ask? 

Well, we want to raise $30,000 for the Chalmers Fund to provide scholarships for worthy, needy students. Won't you support us?  You can give online right here, right now.

Meanwhile, here is the progress report for the first week:

Total running miles: 45.92
Total biking miles: 80.55

Day 7: Sabbath Rest
Day 6:  3.5 mile run and 22 miles on the bike
Day 5: 10 mile run and 22 miles on the bike 
Day 4: 3 mile run in the Firecracker 5K
Day 3: 8.25 mile run and 12.75 miles on the bike
Day 2: 11.4 mile run and 11.8 miles on the bike
Day 1: 9.77 mile run and 12 miles on the bike

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