Saturday, November 15

Gourd and Te Deum

As our family prepares for the holiday season, we always start looking around for new music. There is nothing quite like majestic, glorious, provocative music to settle our hearts and focus our minds on the things that matter most when the clamoring of this poor fallen world invariably tugs us toward the things that matter least. Two of the best places we’ve found to gather that new music are the Gourd and the Te Deum online stores.

Gourd is an artists cooperative featuring works that are “a little bit classical, a little bit folk, and altogether acoustic.” Some of our favorite works over the last few years have come from the Gourd label--Celtic, Medieval, Contemporary, Traditional Appalachian, all their music is fabulous. We’ve bought almost every title they have ever released through the years and we have never been disappointed. Never. Not once.

Te Deum is a wonderful new addition to the extraordinary portfolio of sites from the folks who brought us the Discerning Reader books site and the Antithesis theology site. All are worthy of your attention. But the wide stylistic range and the excellent selections of classical, contemporary, and independent artists featured here make Te Deum perhaps the most valuable resource of all. Highly recommended.

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