Thursday, November 13

Mac or PC?

In the first MTV “Rock the Vote” forum, Bill Clinton was asked “Boxers or briefs?” This time around, the hot question for the assembled Dems was “PC or Mac?” For the record, Carol Moseley Braun indicated that she uses a PC, while her son prefers his Mac. Howard Dean is a PC user; Rev. Al Sharpton uses a Mac; Rep. Dennis Kucinich has a PC; Sen. Joseph Lieberman said that he uses "hand-held wireless Blackberry." Of course, each of the hopefuls was trumped by Al Gore, who sits on the board of Apple and is an avid Mac user, and by Dubya, who is a much more balanced and bipartisan gadget guru with both platforms represented in his panoply of presidential tech tools. Fascinating, huh? Alas, it turns out that the whole exercise in tech cleverness was actually staged by a CNN reporter--to somehow add "spice" to the political debate since mere policy is apparently "not sexy enough." Ah, how the substance of political discourse continues to amaze and inspire.

Theater of the Absurd

Oh, now this is good. New York City school administrators, in barring Nativity Scenes while allowing Jewish Menorahs and Islamic Crescents, have argued that the birth of Christ was not an “accurate representation of an historical event.” Amazingly, there are still more than a few folks--even Christian folks--who actually hold out hope for government education to the extent that they have yielded up their children to its sundry machinations. I'm beginning to think that the former absurdity is less grotesque than the latter.

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