Wednesday, April 21

Rebukes for Israel's Nukes

The man who leaked details of Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program nealry two decades ago has finally emerged from prison. Mordechi Vanunu's first stop after his release was St George's Anglican Cathedral in Jerusalem where he went to pray. Converted to Christianity while incarcerated, he defiantly declared that he was still proud of his actions and that he had suffered "very cruel and barbaric treatment" at the hands of his jailers because of his conversion. He asserted, "Israel doesn't need nuclear arms. My message today to the world is: open the Dimona reactor for inspections." The former goverentment worker will be severely restricted by the Israeli government--he is not allowed to travel, cannot speak to foreigners, and will be monitored at all times. And this from the "only democracy" and "freedom's best hope" in that troubled corner of the world!

Marathon Countdown

Only three more days until the Country Music Marathon begins! I will be running with at least four other members of the Servant Group Running Team. Together we are hoping to raise thousands of dollars for the three campuses of the Classical School of the Medes in Iraq. It is not too late to pledge: just contact the King's Meadow office or send your donations to the office and we'll make sure that your gift is added to the total. Meanwhile, do pray for all the "wounded knees and creaky ankles." We've trained hard, but just a few of us--not to name any names--crested the proverbial hill quite a few miles ago!

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