Tuesday, June 1

Scary Kerry

John Kerry honored in a Vietnam war museum in Ho Chi Minh City? Are you kidding? No way! Alas, it is true. According to Jeffrey Epstein--spokesman for Vietnam Vets for the Truth, a group opposing Kerry's campaign for the presidency--the Communist dictatorship's official government museum features a display that honors prominent American Vietnam war protesters. And the most prominent of them all is of course the presumptive Democratic nominee. The museum features a photograph of Senator John Kerry being warmly greeted by the general secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Comrade Do Muoi. Unbelievable! Read the story at WorldNet Daily website or see the photo at the KerryLied website. Kerry gets more and more scary with every successive revelation.

Running Team

The King's Meadow-Servant Group running team had another successful run yesterday--at the Memorial Day Dash 5K in Nashville. The team is committed to sponsored runs aimed at raising funds for our exciting school projects in Iraq. But a secondary benefit is the opportunity to meet non-Christians or disaffected Christians in a non-threatening environment (some folks think I'm pretty intimidating in conversation or from a podium, but no one thinks I'm intimidating when they see me run)! This is such a wonderful new mission field.

We've got another little warm up 5K this Saturday in Nashville, but our next big race is the annual RC Coa-Moon Pie 10 Miler on June 19th. It promises to be a real challenge, especially for us wounded-knee runners. The course is laid out over the continuously rolling hills in the countryside surrounding the quaint Tennessee town of Bell Buckle. But what fun! This race is reputed to be about as country-fried Southern as they get. Moon Pies at the finish instead of Power Bars! I can hardly wait!

If you would like to join us in this ministry by becoming one of our runners or a team sponsor, contact Joanna at our office for more details. Let's run toward the roar together for His glory.

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