Monday, June 14

Zarafa Online Tutorials

Been hoping for creative writing instruction in a Christian context? Well, there is good news. Very good news, indeed. Doug Jones (of Credenda/Agenda, Canon Press, and New St. Andrews College as well as the author of three wonderful adventure novels) is opening a live online creative writing program at Zarafa Tutorials. The program provides workshops for students (11 and up) to hone their skills in poetry, short stories, playwriting, and nonfiction prose style. Zarafa also offers courses in literary analysis to help older students learn to read fiction in a Christian fashion. Workshops are limited in size so that students will work closely, each week, with Doug. Classes begin at the end of August, and Zarafa Tutorials is now accepting applications. Visit the Zarafa Tutorial site for more information. This is an opportunity that aspiring writers, homeschool students, and wannabe-literatis like me just ought not pass up.

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