Tuesday, April 12

Fred Flinstone v. George Jetson

"Dr. Grant, puleeeze," the young man implored. "Your site is soooo twentieth century!"I had been speaking at a conference and this self-proclaimed member of the "aughters" (the successors to the gen x-ers and gen y-ers) came up to speak to me after one of my talks to tell me how much more effective my ministry could be, should be, would be if only I'd "get with it," if only I would get my website "up to speed."

I'd heard it all before, of course. Get permalinks for the blog. Start a podcast of sermons and lectures. Have an RSS feed so that folks can subscribe, get announcements of any updates, and receive auto-mailings. In other words, actually leave the twentieth century behind and enter into the brave new world of the twenty-first.

Enough, enough already! Yesterday we began work on upgrading the site. Please be patient while we roll out the new features. It will likely take a couple of weeks to get everything online. But keep watching this space for the tranformation--Fred is going to morph into George! At long last!

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