Wednesday, April 27

Marathon Countdown

I have just three days before I take to the streets of Nashville to run in the Country Music Marathon. I have very nearly reached my fundraising goal for this event--I am running to benefit the vital work of cancer research at St Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis. Won't you join with me in the fight against this dread disease? You can pledge online at my St. Jude sponsor site. I'd be honored to know that you're standing with me as I attempt to stay upright and moving for 26.2 miles!


Jonathan said...

Isn't this three legged stool referring to the Anglican doctrine of reliance on scripture, reason, and tradition? I have always had trouble with this doctrine as it elevates human reason to an equal level with scripture. I think a one legged stool would be more secure.
This doctrine is still taught in many Episcopal churches today.

gileskirk said...

No. This three legged stool was literally a "stool," as in the kind of chair that ladies brought to church to rest upon in those days. Jenny picked up her seat and hurled it at the prelate precisely because he was introducing something other than Scripture into the worship.