Monday, July 25

Reformation 21

The new online e-magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is a gold mine of helpful book reviews, astute cultural commentaries, serious theological reflection, and practical pastoral resources. Esteemed Reformed scholars like Derek Thomas, Phil Ryken, Justin Taylor, Ligon Duncan, and John Piper join rising stars like Nate Shurden (one of my former students) to create a remarkable and welcome site on the web. There are also a host of archived classics--sermons by Charles Spurgeon, Horatius Bonar, John Calvin, and R.C. Sproul. Not likely to shy away from fierce controversies like the New Perspective and Federal Vision debates, Reformation 21 is sure to be provocative, informative, and incisive. You'll want to be sure to bookmark it (what an interesting linguistic anachronism that phrase is: bookmarking a website)!

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jon said...

So whose side are you on in the FV controversy? This is obviously a rhetorical question, one asked with all affection. As an Anglican now, it doesn't really matter which side I take, although I'm on the pro side, of course. I guess a better Anglican would be somewhere in the middle, though!

By the way, I got reacquainted with Pastor Tom Clark last month at the Biblical Horizons conference, and we both enjoyed reminiscing about our 1995 England/Scotland tour together with you.