Wednesday, December 21

The Bach Book Is Out!

Greg Wilbur's new book on the life and legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach is finally available! More than two years in the making, this is a remarkable book that will not only change your perspective of Bach and his stunning musical genius, it will change your perspective of all music. It will also challenge your ideas about Biblical worship, the nature of Christ-honoring art, and the way Christians can impact the wider culture. I think that Glory and Honor is such a vital tool for modern reformational work that I am buying a copy for every one of our pastors and all our ministry directors at church. You're going to want one too. Rush out and get yours pronto--or order it from Standfast Books. You won't regret it.


Chris said...

OK, enough about Bach! What about Chalmers?! ;-)

I've not dropped by here in awhile so I may not be aware of the latest news, but I've been hearing rumblings about a Grant book on Chalmers for the last several years...and still I wait. Any updates?

Janie said...

I'm not finding Glory and Honor posted at Standfast Books. Can you link, please? I've got to put this one on my '06 list!

gileskirk said...

OK. First, how to order the Bach book: since we've not gotten it up on the Standfast page yet, you can just e-mail us at and we'll get you squared away.

Now, about Chalmers: we're having a Chalmers conference here in Franklin the last weekend in February. There will be some wonderful new material available then. I've got another book I'm writing before I get down to the final work on the Chalmers anthology and biography (two separate books!) but hopefully before the end of 2006 we'll all be able to have the books in our grubby mitts!

Chris said...

Great news about the Chalmers books coming available! Thanks for the info & thanks for your hard work!

Where can I find out more about the Chalmers Conference?