Saturday, December 31


The celebration of Epiphany is the culmination of what is traditionally called the Twelve Days of Christmas. The word literally means “revelation” or “sudden unveiling” or “manifestation.” It commemorates the day when wise men from the East were conducted by a miraculous star to the nativity in Bethlehem. The magi were thus the first to comprehend that Jesus was not merely the prophetic fulfillment of Jewish aspirations since the beginning of time. Instead, He was the hope of the world, the light of the world, and the joy of every man’s desiring. They beheld the very glory of God that day—for in the city of David, the Savior was born.

As a result, Epiphany is the celebration of the ultimate proclamation of good news. Good news, indeed.


covenantpromise said...

WOW!! I never tire to hear such good news. When I read this blog my heart was filled with awe and wonder to consider such a reality as this. I must say that in particular I appreciated your proclamation at the end of more than one of Christmas services at CCC when you stood up and pronounced "The Gospel is true". As simple as this seems, hearing that proclaimed publicly just made me want to fly.
Praise God, that the seed of Abraham has come to fulfill the promise to make him "The father of a multitude of nations", and because I belong to Christ, I am Abrahams offspring, an heir according to the promise".

Jason p

gileskirk said...

Amen, Jason! Amen!