Monday, February 20

Chalmers Conference

"Regardless of how large, your vision is too small." Thomas Chalmers

"Gospel preaching always requires great courage, both to execute and to tolerate, for it must ever needs be a running toward a lion’s roar." Thomas Chalmers

"When Chalmers was born in 1780 it was about the deadest time in the history of the Church of Scotland since the Reformation. When he died in 1847 it was about the alivest. The difference was almost entirely attributable to the Spirit’s work through him." Gerald Trobish

This coming weekend I will lecture five times on the "parish life" concept of covenant church extension as modeled by the remarkable Thomas Chalmers. In addition, a number of my former charges will discuss various aspects of this model as practiced during their time as students. I am so looking forward to this--both for what we will be thinking through and how those ideas may drive our agendas for the future of strategic ministry planning and church planting.


Richard in Austin said...

Dr. Grant:

Will any of your parish life lectures be available on line?



gileskirk said...

Rich: Yes, we'll eventually make them available as podcasts through iTunes where my Sunday School lessons and sermons are presently posted. Just go to the iTunes Podcast site and search for King's Meadow Audio.

David Ethell said...

Does it matter which podcast I subscribe to? iTunes shows two for King's Meadow, but they both have the exact same programs so I guess it's all the same.

gileskirk said...

David: I think it is all the same.