Wednesday, February 8

Tullahoma Worldview Conference

The doggedly persistent and increasingly violent protests over the past two weeks in the Muslim East over obscure cartoons published in the Secular West have raised anew deep concerns about the rising tide of Islamic ji’had. Just consider the math:

Even if only 1 percent of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims were to end up being seduced by the global call to ji’had preached by the likes of Osama Ben Ladin, Western governments and moderate Muslim regimes would still have to deal with some 12 million ji’hadists dispersed throughout more than 60 countries. And if only 1 percent of these 12 million were to actually commit themselves to “martyrdom operations,” the West would still have to deal, over the course of the next generation at least, with some 120,000 suicide bombers.

These are sobering figures. And they are not the least bit theoretical--this is in fact, the new reality of life in this poor fallen world of ours.

This coming weekend, I will be discussing this and much, much more at a worldview conference hosted by the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Tullahoma, Tennessee. I will lecture four times on a Biblical response to such perilous times. In addition, we will have several question-and-answer sessions with plenty of opportunity for good interaction. I am praying that this will be a rich and challenging weekend for the good folks at Covenant, in Tullahoma, and throughout the surrounding area.


NorWoodMan said...

Dr. Grant, these are indeed frightening figures - a much needed jolt back to the reality of this ominous, gathering storm! I wish I could attend the conference this weekend and hear your discussion of these issues; will conference tapes/cd's be available?

I know something which would be equally frightening to the ji’hadists : those same figures with a VICTORIOUS TWIST (faith’s reply) - 1 percent - 12 million conversions to Christ with 120,000 of that number willing to proclaim the Gospel with no fear of death. Afterwards, multitudes more come to Christ … My prayer is that God would arise and scatter his enemies and also gather His sheep from these lands which have gone out of their way to suppress the Gospel of Christ. He is the One who opens and no man can shut and shuts and no man can open. With God all things are possible; thanks be to our Sovereign God!

BTW, I still listen (tapes are about worn out!) to the Basilean lectures you gave several years ago which presented the strengths/weaknesses of Reformed/Evangelical, Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. Such an excellent evaluation - history, liturgy, architecture, etc. but always given with practical ways to move toward implementation. That's what impressed me about Bringing in The Sheaves - you presented what the Holy Scriptures teach concerning helping the poor, the orphan and the widow - and then you provide some very practical examples on how to begin with present resources.

With thanks to the Lord for you and the ministry to which the Savior has called you!

(Jacksonville, FL)

P.S. In Michelle Malkin’s blog, she cites the “Freedom For Egyptians” article: Cartoons were Published Five Months ago in Egypt

She also includes “…American editorial cartoonists weighing in on the right side of the Cartoon Jihad. Here are two good ones”.

gileskirk said...

Woody: Bless you. You're point about the evangelization of our communities is quite excellent. Thank you.

Under The Mountain said...


Thanks for making the trip to Tullahoma. That's my home town, and I'm thankful for Covenant Church's presence there. I'll tell my father about the conference and ask him to help spread the word.

Chris Rhoades said...

Dr. Grant,

I live in Nashville and go to Good Shepherd PCA (Filson's). Do you have more details about the conference in Tullahoma? I might drive down to check it out.

gileskirk said...

Chris: The conference begins at 7 PM on Friday and then continues Saturday morning. I conclude my four talks around noon.

Stephen said...

If tapes are going to be available from your talks I'd love to hear them. Do you know where we could get a hold of them?

gileskirk said...

Stephen: I believe Covenant PCA will be making the tapes available.

Len Hendrix said...


We at Covenant are very excited about having you as our guest this weekend.

Thanks for your friendship and for Standing Fast.

Be well and blessed

John Jackson said...

Mr. Grant, I have a question. Does the Koran really tell Muslims to perform the jihad in the way that the suicide bombers did, or can it be better interpreted as a figurative act?

gileskirk said...

John: There certainly are a few places in the Koran where the call to ji'had could be interpreted as an exhortation to some kind of an inward struggle or a spiritual battle. But, the vast majority of the ji'had references issue an altogether unabiguous call to kill or murder or subdue or subjugate the "hated infidels." My book Blood of the Moon has several pages of examples of this. In addition, this sad reality is reflected in the fact that there has never been a time when Islamic history was not marked by the violent and revolutionary tactics of terror, assassination, and suicide attacks. Alas, no honest reader can avoid concluding that men like Osama Bin Laden are actually "good" and "faithful" Muslims.

John Jackson said...

I see now. Thank you Dr. Grant, that helps a lot. You know I do believe that the expression rings true with you sir, that you are "a gentleman and a scholar."

Stephen said...

Dr. Grant,

How then do you interpret passages such as "Believers, never let the hatred of a people toward you move you to commit injustice." (Qur'an 5:8) that the Muslims I know live by?

What about people like Dr. Hassaballa -

gileskirk said...

Stephen: Well, the issue is not how I might interpret any of the Koran, but how a particular Muslim might. And the fact is Muslim's are forced to pick and choose among the many contradictions of that book. The result is that some Muslims are good men like Dr. Hassaballa. And some are more consistent to the historic teachings of Islam like Osama Bin Ladin.