Friday, July 7

Ode to the National Education Association

Hey diddle diddle
Will rank as an idyll
If only we'd say as much.
Hickory dickory dock
Maintains the highest stock
With but our merest touch.

Whatever you read
Must befit our own creed
Tho' we know that's asking a lot.
It matters not a bit
That we know not a twit
Until--that is--we get caught.


Lawrence Underwood said...

That is cute.

Suzi said...

At first I thought this was just clever. I've really been haunted by the implications however. Thank you for always somehow finding a way to make me think harder and deeper about the issues of our time.

On another subject, is your book on Micah still available? I have not been able to find it and my husband and I were hoping to use it for our home Bible study group meetings this fall.